Welcome To Our School

We are a small non-profit international school with a diverse teacher and student body providing a well-rounded education to pupils from all over the world.

South East Coast International School (SEC) was established 8 years ago with five students and one teacher. The school was inaugurated by expatriate parents living along the East Coast of Zanzibar, who needed an international setting for their children. We have a small campus that is continuing to grow year after year.

We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, our low teacher-student ratio allows our teachers to personalise learning and cater to individual pupil needs. Teaching at SEC extends beyond the traditional confines of the classroom and where possible we take full advantage of the rich environment outside our doorstep: sea, sand, fertile land, marine life, coral areas and many more. These conditions are ideal to stimulate active learning. Students are taught in a relaxed and supportive environment where teachers can attend to pupils individual learning styles and children can have fun while learning.

Our dedicated team of international teachers and teaching support staff ensure that learning is engaging, challenging and interactive. SEC follows the British Curriculum along with other international methods.

Having a diverse teacher and student body helps us make connections to the international community allowing for an intercultural setting that promotes tolerance, critical thinking and global responsibility. The curriculum provides a solid academic base, supporting creativity and promotes versatility which will prepare pupils to adapt to other education systems after their time at SEC.