We are all eagerly awaiting our exciting new school year here at SEC, and we are working very hard to overcome the current obstacles we face during this time of international pandemic.

We are thrilled to share some very important updates about what we have to offer for Term 1 next month! SEC would be delighted to launch our own Learning at Home distance education program, which would provide teacher-led instruction to both Primary and EarlyΒ Years students. We look forward to this innovative opportunity to combine home learning packages with online educational tools and instructional models.

We are strategically looking at how best to support our students’ learning needs as well as their physical and social health and well-being. We will be creating an online curriculum based on the 3 core subjects, as well as many other interactive learning areas (such as physical education, social studies, music and dance, etc.).

Please keep an eye out for your email updates. We remain hopeful for enough interest and enrollment to get this newest (and most exciting) SEC project up and running.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy few weeks left of your holiday!
‘See’ you soon!