Geography & History

At SEC we want the children to learn about the world around them and the how the past has shaped the world we live in today. The Geography and History curriculum is taught through our Topic lessons, where the children cover a range of Geography and History topics about the area we live in and the wider world.


In Key Stage 1, we aim to develop children’s knowledge of the world and the area we live in through a range of different learning experiences and resources. Children will learn basic geographical vocabulary and begin to develop and use their geographical skills. We incorporate field trips around our local area of Jambiani, Kibijiga and children learn about their local surroundings.

In Key Stage 2, children will extend their knowledge beyond their local area, focussing primarily on Africa, Europe and North/South America. They will extend their geographical and field work skills through practical topics and will be continue to be given the opportunity to learn through a range of activities and experiences, both in and out of school.


In Key Stage 1, children will develop an awareness of the past and will identify and compare the similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods. They will learn about significant figures and events both within and outside living memory in our country and will focus specifically on our local area. They will also look at changes which have occurred over time.

During Key Stage 2, children will continue to develop a secure chronological understanding of local and world history. They learn about and compare different periods of history using source analysis, independent research and hands on experiences to learn about and discover our past. At SEC we have a blend of the British Curriculum History aims and Tanzanian syllabus whereby the lessons are relevant and adapted to suit the needs of our pupils.

Geography & History Planning

Whole School Geography & History Planning