Homework Guidance

Homework will be sent for all age groups (from Y1 upwards) on the same day of the week throughout school. Friday – to be returned to school on Tuesday (allowing families to choose whether their child completes their homework on a week night or weekend).

A spelling list will be sent home each week on Friday. Please ensure the spellings are learnt as they are tested the following Friday.

Multiplication tables need to be practised for a weekly test. The day of the test will be advised by the class teacher. It is expected that all pupils can rapid recall multiplication and division facts for x12 tables by the end of Year 4.

Research for topic work will be sent as appropriate each half term prior to learning their new unit of work.

If homework is not returned on a Tuesday it will not be marked as the teachers have allocated Tuesday as marking time and Wednesday to prepare the next task.

  • X1 Mathematics Worksheet – linked and relevant to in class learning
  • Weekly Times tables & Division practise (rapid recall practise)
  • X1 Weekly Spelling List (linked to national curriculum year group specific)
  • X1 Reading Book (linked to the child’s assessed reading level, changed regularly)