Sponsored Children

SEC Zanzibar is a unique mix between local children and expat children living on Zanzibar Island.  We feel it is an obligation and our duty to the local community to support their children as well. Therefore, it is possible to sponsor a local child to go to SEC Zanzibar when we have spaces available.

We prefer children to start at nursery in order to follow the British Curriculum from young age and develop their English Language.  This has become even more apparent in recent years as some of our sponsored children that have joined at later stages are struggling to access the curriculum and require a lot of English/Swahili translation.  At times these children would benefit and often excel from being in a local Swahili school, where they are learning in their first language.  We will consider sponsorship for a local child above the age of nursery/reception class but on an individual basis.

It is also important to remind current sponsors and those interested in sponsorship that your involvement and role in this child’s life extends beyond a monetary donation.  Over the past 5 years whilst teaching sponsored children it has become more and more evident that these children need more.  It takes a family to educate a child.

They need: 

  • Support at home when completing their homework.
  • Regular opportunities to practise speaking English language
  • Access to resources outside of the classroom e.g. reading books and revision guides.

Should you wish to sponsor a child to attend SEC please send an email to the school office: admin@seczanzibar.com