Lower Secondary Curriculum

Here at SEC we follow the British Curriculum along with other international methods.  We offer a primary education that includes a pre-school (Kindergarten) for ages 2 years – 11 years.  This consists of our EYFS Curriculum & Primary Curriculum for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2.   We have recently extended to offer a Lower Secondary School option for Key Stage 3 pupils (Year 7: 11 – 12-year olds) as our school grows year after year, we will naturally offer the consecutive year groups of Key Stage 3 (Year 8 & 9) and Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11).

South East Coast International Secondary School uses the British National Curriculum. This curriculum is the national curriculum used in the United Kingdom and is the most widely used curriculum worldwide.  Our Lower Secondary education is in partnership with Wolsey Hall Oxford (insert link to site) which is a registered online school of Cambridge Assessment International Education at all levels.  We offer a unique, modern combination of an online schooling system, taught and conveyed on our premises by international teachers. The children get to remain in their usual environment and school community and continue to have the social interactions and daily routine of a usual school day, whist their learning materials are accessed online.

Wolsey Hall is the only purely online school in the world to be accredited by Cambridge. They went through a rigorous approval process in order to achieve this status for their Secondary programmes.  The Wolsey Hall courses are designed to develop independent learners. Being able to learn and relearn throughout life is a vitally important skill in the 21st century and we encourage our students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning as they progress through the levels. 

The Lower Secondary courses are designed to be engaging and fun as well as academically rigorous.  The courses offer an excellent level of challenge for the children and the course materials are differentiated to suit the individual needs of your child in order to help them develop their own potential.   The courses are a blend of online learning via an online learning portal and broken down into modules so that learning can be absorbed in manageable chunks.  This is combined with offline learning through textbooks (provided as part of the course package) and traditional teaching methods taught in the classroom by an international teacher. 

Typically, each KS3 child selects 5 subjects.  These consist of three mandatory core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science plus two other subjects of personal choice.  

  • English (mandatory)
  • Maths (mandatory)
  • Science (mandatory)
  • Art & Design 
  • Computing
  • Geography
  • History
  • Latin & The Roman World
  • Global Perspectives
  • Skills For Life
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • English as a Second Language
  • Music 

Each course takes on average 9 months to complete (the typical academic year).  The Lower Secondary courses will fully prepare your child to move on to Key Stage 4, IGCSE year.  At the end of their courses in English, Maths and Science they will be tested on what they have learned and both parents and children will receive feedback and a report on their performance.  Throughout the year, children will complete regular assignments for each subject that will be submitted to the course tutors to assess their level of understanding.  

With SEC offering a blend of online learning with Wolsey Hall and the usual traditional classroom teaching methods your child will be supported from all angles. You will have access to all the online materials and support that Wolsey Hall offers their other families along with the continued school support here in the SEC grounds.

Example Timetable:

Key Information:

  • SEC offers Year 7 ONLY 2022-2023 (11-12 year olds) this will extend year by year. 
  • Enrolment into Lower Secondary can only take place for children starting at the beginning of Term 1 (June 2022) later enrolments throughout the year are not possible as the Year 7 course takes 9 months to complete.
  • 5 courses minimum to be chosen at Key Stage 3. 
  • Mix of online curriculum and textbook / classroom teaching 
  • Support in the usual school environment as well as online tutors 
  • Regular assignments and coursework are submitted to assess children’s understanding after each module. 
  • Regular in class on the spot assessments and class materials will be used to help the children access the curriculum. 
  • Entrance assessment can be taken to see if your child is ready to access the curriculum level. 
  • English as an Additional Language subject can be chosen instead of English if your child does not have the required level of English language needed to access the main English course. 
  • SEC school fees are for Lower Secondary ONLY (Year 7, 8 and 9) and include the curriculum materials (textbooks and laptop), online school fees, registration fee, classroom tuition. 
  • An upfront payment of $3100.00 is required in order to enrol your child on to our Lower Secondary courses please read the fee policy carefully. 
  • Children can remain at SEC for their whole Secondary education, from Year 7 through to Year 13 (IGCSE and A-Level years) and move on to University from here. 
  • Subjects such as Physical Education, Swahili and Art will still take place as part of their timetable. 
  • After school clubs will still be available for Secondary pupils.