Mission completed – We are perfect!

We had to allow some time for our new team members to finish their classes and school year in other beautiful international schools around the globe, but finally we are complete and couldn’t be happier! 

Welcome, Teacher Ane in Year 1.

Children already love her and she is teaching in a heartwarming way with lots of music and passion. We would all like to stay for a day, too! Thank you! 

Welcome, Teacher Heba.

Our new lead teacher in Year 4, she took over from Assistant Teacher David and jumped right in. It’s impossible to do a smoother start and we all love to see her happy face daily! Thanks a lot for speedy takeover and all your efforts. 

Hey and warm welcome finally to Teacher Laura!

We and Year 5 couldn’t be happier with our new teacher in this older class. A great, professional and super confident lead since the first minute. It feels like Laura has always been teaching here on Zanzibar and has fit right in. Thank you for your love and care!

Have a great start everyone!

Leonie (Board of Trustee)