Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide quality international education in an inter-cultural, supportive and stimulating environment. Using the British National Curriculum, our approach addresses students’ unique learning styles and the diverse cultural backgrounds of our local and international children. We aim to instil self-esteem, empathy, critical thinking and a love for learning, preparing students to become responsible and successful citizens with social, global and environmental awareness. 

Our Aims:

To offer high quality teaching and learning experiences that allow our  pupils to achieve social, emotional, physical and academic success.

To offer individualised, creative and innovative teaching that meets the  specific needs of our culturally diverse pupils.

To ensure that all students, regardless of their starting point, will think  critically, reach their potential and develop the confidence and wisdom  to make good choices and address problems.

To promote a love of education for all learners who will take pride in their  achievements, finding joy in learning and strive for constant self improvement.

To promote creative ways of learning and ensure that pupils are  connected to nature and beauty, to their inner-selves, and to others in  their local and global communities. 

To support the local community by offering this model of education to  Zanzibari and Tanzanian children. 

To equip pupils with a solid academic base and promote versatility, allowing them to adapt to other education systems after SEC.

To promote tolerance, empathy and social IQ in our pupils, who, having  understanding of the diversity of people and cultures, will act with  empathy, kindness, fairness and responsibility.

To have high expectations for all within our community, ensuring that we  demonstrate the very best standards of conduct and ethics, responsibility,  self-discipline and integrity, and instilling these values in our pupils. 

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