Music lessons at SEC have been brought to life by DCMA (Dhow Countries Music Academy).  We are lucky to have two of their talented musicians Tryphone Evarist and Nima Ame attend school every Monday to teach music to all of our year groups.

DCMA’s mission it to assist children’s progressive entry into the world of sound, develop their musical sensitivity through the understanding and the use of sound patterns, which are an essential element to the development of their inner emotional and innate musical abilities. In this way they become able to enjoy and create music, as well as to contribute both to their own musical development and to that of society.

DCMA’s objectives are:

  1. Sing the songs with correct words, pitch and rhythm.
  2. Know short history of the dances.
  3. Dance uniformly.
  4. Drum the basic rhythms.
  5. Develop their aural perceptive abilities.
  6. Sing while deriving utmost pleasure.
  7. Express their inner selves by reproducing and creating music through the use of various means (voice, instruments, movements) according to their own abilities and for their own satisfaction as well as in the communication with others.
  8. Enjoy and appreciate music.
  9. Get to know traditional music and dances and to develop a sense of respect and love towards our national tradition, by being able to preserve it and disseminate it to appreciate the musical traditions of their cultures.
  10. Appreciate the music and dance heritage of other people.

Please read the attached curriculum for more information.

Parents can enjoy a taster of what DCMA have taught over the year with a final end of year performance, the teachers also work hard for our annual Christmas Concert to showcase the learning over the term as well as perform their own musical talents.