From when our youngest children join us in Nursery they are taught to tune into sounds which they hear in both the classroom and outdoor environment. They learn how to listen through story, games, rhymes and talk and begin to distinguish between the letter sounds they can hear at the beginning of words. Once the children have secured the Phase 1 listening skills, they move on to Phase 2 and at this point we continue to follow Jolly Phonics to help to aid the children’s recall and understanding of letter sounds. The children are taught to segment and blend words moving onto letter recognition and formation when ready. As the children develop at different rates some children receive additional phonics sessions during the day if this is required. The teaching of phonics at SEC is a curriculum priority. This is because good phonic skills ensure that the children make good progress with reading, writing and spelling.

We want every child to succeed in reading and writing at SEC. We use inspiring methods to teach the essential skills of linking sounds and letters together to form words, ensuring that children’s early reading and writing skills develop. ‘Jolly Phonics’ is taught daily in EYFS and KS1. ‘Jolly Phonics’ develops fluent, enthusiastic readers and confident speakers in our school. Through the programme children improve and develop a deep comprehension of a variety of genre of texts, and children are inspired to become independent and confident readers. Children are taught to read and write letter-sound correspondences quickly and to decode effortlessly, ensuring they read with fluency and expression. High quality speaking and listening activities, drama and role play techniques will enhance and support children in their phonic and reading skills development.


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