Every year group is taught reading through individual, guided and shared sessions. The teachers plan and assess reading through a variety of methods during these sessions. Every morning at SEC from Year 2 upwards we have a 30-minute guided reading rotation:

Group 1 – Teacher led read
Group 2 – Comprehension activity
Group 3 – SPaG activity (spelling, punctuation and grammar)
Group 4 – Silent, independent reading

In addition to this, reading is taught in our Literacy lessons through shared reads. Our writing sessions are usually linked to a class book which is studied in detail as a whole class and writing techniques and genres are taught through this text.

All children follow a banded scheme from a variety of reputable, specialist educational publishers (currently SEC are using Reading A-Z). As the children progress through the school they are taught and encouraged to become more independent and responsible in selecting their own reading book, these children are referred to as our ‘free readers’.

Home Reading

The best way to help your child achieve well in reading, and indeed across the curriculum is to hear them read, share and discuss a variety of reading materials as often as you can. Children at SEC are expected to read at least 3 times per week, but we urge you to strive for five times a week. The children are provided with a book banded reading book, but are also encouraged to read widely. This may include a range of non-fiction texts such as newspapers, restaurant menus or road signs. Once the children have read at home to an adult, a record of the read should be noted in their home-school reading diary.

Reading Planning

Curriculum Progression Map