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The Secretary

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the legal and authorising body of South East Coast (SEC). The Board consists of three parents elected by members, to govern the school.  Their role is voluntary and the Board of Trustees are not paid for their work at SEC.

Our primary objective is to ensure all children receive the best possible education regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality and to foster international understanding, respect and interaction. To protect and to ensure the continued existence and success of the school.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for recruiting a Head of School and Director who is delegated the academic management and executive administration of the school. The Board of Trustees does not intervene in day-to-day operations of the school, except in instances at which, at the Board’s sole discretion it deems that policy issues are at stake.


  1. Board of Trustees
  2. Parent Board
  3. Director/Headteacher
  4. Teaching staff and supporting staff

The Board of Trustees responsibilities are as follows:

  • The school’s financial condition and its physical resources.
  • Ratifying school policy and a school development/strategic plan.
  • Recruiting and selecting the Headteacher, and agreeing on his/her terms of remuneration.
  • Holding the Headteacher accountable for effective implementation of school policies within agreed timelines.
  • Reviewing and evaluating progress the school is making towards the goals and objectives stated in the constitution.
  • Approving the annual working budget as prepared by the bursar and Headteacher in liaison with the Board of Trustees’ Treasurer, and Parent Board including terms and conditions for staffs, fee structure and any changes to all these mentioned.
  • Budget amendments will be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Disciplinary procedures and policy as stated in the school ‘Disciplinary Policy’.
  • Working with the Parent Board to discuss and resolve school matters and to authorise decisions that exceed those of the Parent Boards and Headteachers.
  • Authorising any legal action to be taken in the name of ISZ.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.

Jose Laroy

Parent Board

Silvia Gerin

Parent Board

Alessandra Maggiore

Parent Board

Sine Heitmann

Parent Board

The Parent Board

The Director/Headteacher and Parent Board are accountable to the Board of Trustees and has an obligation to comply with any board decisions.  Their role is voluntary and the Parent Board are not paid for their work at SEC.

The Parent Board’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • Support the Headteacher with general affairs of the school
  • Responsible for general governance by supporting the implementation of broad policies and objectives
  • Responsible for the school grounds development and maintenance  
  • Ensure that financial resources are used to carry out the school mission
  • Responsible for supporting the Headteacher in resourcing the school
  • Responsible for raising funds to support the school vision and aims 
  • Managing the funds raised
  • Promoting and advertising the school
  • Setting future goals for the school and supporting the Headteacher oversee, and implement the schools aims and vision.
  • Attend monthly board meetings with the Headteacher to plan, implement and review goals set
  • Responsible for supporting the Board of Trustees in appointing the executive leadership of the school
  • Responsible in supporting the Board of Trustees in monitoring the performance of the Director/Headteacher in carrying out policies
  • Responsible for making financial decisions with support of the Headteacher on staff management, salaries and compensation of staff.

Interested in becoming a member of our Parent Board?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parent Board please have a read through the responsibilities listed above.

Think you can do it and make a positive impact to our wonderful school?  

What is involved?

Along with the responsibilities the required time commitment is approximately 1-2 meetings per month (around 2 hours each) and around 3 working hours per week, depending on your responsibilities and abilities. The SEC Parent Board (PB) shall consist of max 5 members. They are subjected to the Board of Trustees.

You want to become a member?

  • You are planning to stay at least 2 years, probably longer
  • Your child will attend school at least 2 years or longer
  • You have a residency and work permit in Zanzibar
  • Your child is already enrolled at has completed at least 1 school year / term (3 months)!
  • You are willing to work on a voluntary basis and expect no discount or payment in return.

If you are willing to make our school grow, run and shine, please fill the following form! You can hand it to the office or any PB member. We will be delighted! 

The election of the new member will be through voting within a school meeting with parents and team members.