Primary Curriculum

Primary Education 

The impact of our curriculum approach is that it truly inspires learners, igniting a learning passion and developing ‘learning for life’. English and Maths are taught as discrete sessions in the morning, following the British National Curriculum. The wider curriculum at SEC is relevant and inspiring!  We have given careful consideration to our children; their experiences and needs and developed a bespoke curriculum model that caters for them specifically. 

The teaching of Reading will:

  • Promote a love of reading, through teacher knowledge of high quality texts used across the curriculum. 
  • Obtain reading knowledge alongside comprehension skills in order to navigate texts and deepen their understanding of the world.
  • Ensure that every child learns to read to a high standard of fluency and understanding, regardless of their background, needs or prior attainment. 
  • Close the ‘word gap’ by expanding pupils’ vocabulary, deepening their understanding of the texts they are reading and widening their use of spoken language.   

The teaching of Writing will:

  • Build on prior knowledge and skills, making meaningful connections with reading.
  • Develop a love for writing whereby children take pride in their work.
  • Provide real and exciting writing opportunities covering a range of different genres.
  • Expose children to enriched vocabulary, nurturing children to enjoy using language across different contexts and in their own lives.

The teaching of Maths will:

  • Give a foundation for understanding the mathematical world 
  • Enable the ability to reason mathematically 
  • Create an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics 
  • Provide a clear sequence, building on children’s prior knowledge and skills 
  • Ensures that children achieve Mathematical Proficiency in a safe and happy environment 

The teaching of Science will:

  • Promote a deep knowledge of scientific theories and how this can impact in the wider world
  • Enable children to demonstrate their scientific knowledge and skills through practical resources
  • Foster children’s curiosity to find out how and why

The teaching of Global Perspectives will:

  • Enable children to confidently challenge and confront injustice and inequality as articulate advocates of change, celebrating and respecting diversity
  • Immerse our children in outdoor learning
  • Ensure community links are central to ensuring our children have a broad understanding of the local world around them
  • Have opportunities to explore and appreciate different cultures and beliefs through global learning experiences

The teaching of Swahili will: 

  • Develop children’s written and spoken Swahili skills 
  • Promote a love of languages and learning about other cultures.

The teaching of Music will: 

  • Children develop control over the use of the voice
  • Encourages children to explore and learn how to play instruments 
  • Leaves children feeling confident and fulfilled following achievement and participation in music and performance 

The teaching of Art will: 

  • Inspire children to express themselves as individuals in a creative way
  • Value process over product and feel confident to develop their art skills
  • Allow them to experiment with different materials and techniques
  • Explore the work of great artists, craft makers and designers (including local, national and global)
  • Encourage them to become proficient in drawing, painting and sculpture

The teaching of PE will: 

  • Inspire them to develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity, when participating individually, in small groups and within a team.
  • Encourage the engagement in competitive sports in a safe and challenging environment.
  • Build resilience, ambition and determination, resulting in passion and drive in order to achieve their best.
  • Excite them about the endless possibilities of potential sporting careers.